Complete Karmix System In A Box

  • Karmix Compact, Full Featured
  • 4 24bit 48Khz Processors on Board
  • Full Metering and Control on Laptop, Hands On Faders For Mains
  • Save and Auto-Recall Settings For Each Singer
  • Ultra Compact, Replaces Bulky Traditional Mixer

Karmix brings your sound up to date.

These days most all Karaoke is run from a laptop. Use the power of the laptop do mix the sound of your singers, and remember and recall the settings. With the included software suite (QuickFind® and Pre Configured Winamp) You can  keep track of your singers' Mic settings along with their song list.

When one Singer is very loud, in the red and you need to turn the trim way down (some old mixer amps do not even have a trim), then you forget to set it back and the next singer is soft and thinks the mic is off. This happens, and the reverse happens too. Singer is soft and shy you have it jacked up, then the next singer hits it hard. The settings for trim, auto-trim, Compressor limiter, and volume are set easily and saved for each singer. When a song is cued for the singer and played, the name goes into Karmix (auto function). If it is the first time a new profile named for the singer is created with the saved default settings. Then you customize settings and save. Even if you like to adjust a little here and there for every song, the auto function gets you off to a good start.


Say goodbye to the old style mixer. Take advantage of the power of your Karaoke computer with Karmix. Now you can have the complete system, Laptop, Karmix, Wireless Mics, Cables All together in a briefcase style box. Just open plug in powered speakers and go.

We also offer complete systems