Karmix Professional Laptop Karaoke Mixer

  • Karmix Compact, Full Featured
  • 4 24bit 48Khz Processors on Board
  • Full Metering and Control on Laptop, Hands On Faders For Mains
  • Save and Auto-Recall Settings For Each Singer
  • Ultra Compact, Replaces Bulky Traditional Mixer
  • Simple and Powerful Interface

What is Karmix?

Karmix is an ultra compact digital mixer designed specific for Karaoke run from a computer. 4 balanced mic inputs and 2 stereo channel inputs. reverb effects, compressor presets, 3 way tunable tone for mics, 10 band eq for stereo inputs, balanced outputs. The processing is done with DSP processors in the Karmix, Metering and controls are done on the Laptop screen. Main mixer output volumes for Vocals, Reverb, Music and Main are hands-on 30mm Faders. Karmix is powered by USB. Bulky XLR connections are replaced by 3.5mm (1/8") for a very small installation footprint. With Karmix you can save your singer's sound profile for instant recall when their song is played ( when used with included software, QuickFind® and Preconfigured Winamp®)

Karaoke has been transformed by the laptop. Karmix brings the power of the laptop to your mix. Conventional mixers (mostly) do not have the features found in Karmix. Some Digital mixers have lots of features, but confusing onboard displays and button driven menus make it unsuitable for karaoke hosting. Larger format mixers have a lot of features, but take up extra space with all the excess unused in's and outs. Ipad style mixers miss the point, you already have a laptop, why add another computer to your Karaoke setup? Conventional mixers were designed for a band or recording. Those applications are very different from a Karaoke setup. Karmix is designed specific to meet the needs of todays Karaoke host, in a very small package for install in portable systems. A very small "open and play" Karaoke system is realized when used with powered speakers (or connect to a house PA). We can also provide a preconfigured laptop, or the entire system (Just add your music). Use Karmix with the included Hosting software, and singers settings are memorized and Auto recalled when their song plays. The host can concentrate on "Hosting" while Karmix sets up the singer.


Say goodbye to the old style mixer. Take advantage of the power of your Karaoke computer with Karmix. Now you can have the complete system, Laptop, Karmix, Wireless Mics, Cables All together in a briefcase style box. Just open plug in powered speakers and go.

We also offer complete systems